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Award Winning Author of Surviving Cancerland

International Book Awards

Surviving Cancerland won the International Book Awards for Best Health/Women's Health Book of
the Year, 2015.

Nautilus Book Awards

Awarded a Silver Medal, Surviving Cancerland was among those judged to promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change.

Independent Publishers Book Awards

Surviving Cancerland earned a Bronze Medal at the IPPY Awards for 2015, which recognize excellence in independent publishing.


About Surviving Cancerland

Surviving Cancerland is Kathleen’s account of how she learned to connect with her physician-within through dreams, meditation, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kathleen used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment, often having to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her.

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Contributing Writer

Dreams & Breast Cancer Diagnosis Pilot Study


“Kathleen’s story is powerful, honest, and eye-opening. She asks readers to go a little beyond where some might feel comfortable, but if you are willing to do that, the reward is the story of a profound healing journey. Kathleen tells us that, ‘My crisis increased my intuition which, in turn, saved my life.’ Thank you, Kathleen. Miracles and angels are a part of our lives, so anticipate them and tune in through your quiet mind.”

~ Bernie Siegel, MD

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Frequently Asked Interview Questions

What do you believe is one of our biggest challenges in relationships today and how does it tie into your story of prophetic guided dreams?

I believe our biggest challenges in relationships today is believing in what we cannot see, feel, or hear—our inner-guidance—that voice that kept us out of trouble as a child and maysave us from making mistakes with relationships as an adult. When this guidance is at odds with logic, we need to take a step back and reassess the relationship. We are responsible for our happiness and must self- advocate.

Did dreams help with your marriage?

My dreams showed me my future husband when I was only 9 years old.

What if a listener can’t remember their dreams? How are dreams different and what steps can they take to help them remember?

My free guidebook, for subscribers, 7 Steps to Activate Your Inner Guide, walks readers step-by- step through remembering their dreams and how to train yourself to remember not to forget. That comes with time and effort. The Talmud says, “A dream not remembered is a letter unread.” Our dreams arel etters from our Inner Guidance. That inner guidance could tell you to pull your money out of shaky investments or the stock market before it crashes, or give you get a glimpse of your future spouse.

I find that most dreams fall into these 7 categories, and these categories can overlap:

• Daydreams- when you are awake but no longer focused on a task, meditation, prayer

• Lucid dreams- you know you are dreaming and can control the outcome

• Nightmares- who can forget that information? But our nightma es can be blessings in disguise

• Recurring- because you didn’t get it the first time or solve it yet

• Healing-emotional or physical information

• Prophetic- comes true and can be validated by scientific tests or life events

• Epic- like an entertaining storybook you pick up and continue while sleeping

Give me an example of how these dreams can overlap concerning relationships.

This dream is about a client and the relationship she had with her father. A client was distraught because she kept having a recurring nightmare that would wake her during the night and leave her in a bad mood all day. And she was always aware that she was having thenightmare. She would be in an epic dream when suddenly there would be a knock on the door. As her husband moved to answer the door she would yell, “No! Don’t answer the door.” The door would open and her deceased father would walk in and say, “I love you.”

This would jolt her from the dream and leave her upset for the rest of the day because she and her father did not have a good relationship while he was alive.

I told her the next time she had this nightmare, to tell her father that she loved him, too, hug him and that the nightmare would stop and her life would be changed, forever. The next night she had the same nightmare. She followed my suggestion and found that she felt wonderful when she woke up and never had the nightmare again. With a simple hug of love she changed the ending of a lucid nightmare into a healing dream that transformed her life forever.

Our family members challenge us the most in our life because they are our teachers, and they are humans who make mistakes. During difficult times they are given permission to return from “the other side” to give us guidance and love.

What is an example of a prophetic dream?

This dream is from my book, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. My “feather dream.” 1) The White Feather- A spirit guide appeared and handed me a feather and told me to immediately return to my doctor, without making an appointment, and ask for exploratory surgery. If I remembered the feather from my dream and used it as a sword to fence with against his arguments, I would win.

I returned to my doctor the next day, imagined holding the feather in my fingers and convinced him to do exploratory surgery. A lump was found. Pathology stated it was stage 2 aggressive DCIS ductile carcinoma in situ. A second surgery was performed to check for clean margins and cancer was found in my lymph node. The validation was a pathology report.

In my relationship, my prophetic dream was the one I spoke of when I was nine years old. It came true when I was 26, 17 years later.

Why is this inner guidance important in relationships and life?

We used to be able to get feedback from our family and closest friends concerning relationships and people dated from the neighborhood. Now, everyone is spread out over the country and very transient. We have to listen to our inner guidance when it comes to relationships.

Is symbolism consistent across all dreams and dreamers?

Although World renowned Psychiatrists Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung used Universal Archetypes present in dreams to see into the minds of their patients to better treat the, dream worlds are unique to the dreamer. What is frightening to one dreamer may be enlightening to another. Take the example of a large snake in a dream. It may be frightening to someone with a fear of snakes, but it is the Kundalini to me -- the ultimate rising spiritual wisdom. If it is a rattle-snake it may mean there is a warning in the wisdom, “Don’t tread here,” similar to the motto “Don’t tread on me.” Sometimes the symbolism can be a play on words.

What if someone does not dream?

Everything and everyone dreams, they may not remember that they dreamed. A fetus still in the mother’s womb has REM (rapid eye movement) from the Delta Dream Realm that can be seen on Ultra sound. REM is when the eye tracks a dream. It begs the question, is the fetus seeing angels? Over time, we often forget how to remember our dreams. My free Guidebook can help with this.

If your psychic dreams were so important and accurate, why didn’t your guides send you to a holistic doctor rather than a conventional one?

My inner guides/physician-within did not tell me to seek a holistic practitioner- they told me to go to the hospital. If they had said, “Go find Swami-wami rama langa ding-dong,” I would have gone. Obviously, they had faith in my doctors and got me to the right ones. The same thing is true with relationships. You are going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince, so get out your wart cream and pucker up. Relationships are a learning experience for everyone.

What are your 4 rules for living a fulfilling life?

1.) Learn-never stop learning; use/exercise your brain; keep your mind sharp.

2.) Adjust with the changing times- technology. Keep up!

3.) Stay in the Middle of the Road of life; it is common ground.

4.) “The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil. Give yourself play-time.

Could you give an example of Inner-guidance at work concerning relationships?

Our gut-instincts have been speaking to humans since the beginning of time. Instincts guided first humans as they worked as a team for food. Our relationships at work affect our daily life and future just as much now. We’ve been taught to replace our instincts with hard facts.

Have you ever walked into an important meeting and felt something was wrong and dismissed those feelings as your nervousness? What if it was not you? What if you were “intuitively reading” the room and picked up something out of balance. The same is true for sexual relationships. The red flags are there. They are brought to our attention again in dreams, yet our logical mind talks us out of paying attention to our dreams and instincts because they are not based on facts. It is time to start listening to ourselves again.

Dreams can be messages from the “other side” or just entertainment. We know the difference by validation. Red flags are validation. You know when a dream is prophetic when you can validate it with facts. I often said to my doctors, “Prove me wrong.” The tests they performed to prove me wrong proved I was right and validated my dreams. The same technique can be used with relationships.

Could you share some of your dreams and explain how they were validated by scientific facts or life experiences?

A.)My dreams saved my life twice and shook the medical field to the core. There were two dreams that were particularly important.

I was 40 years old and my physical, blood test and mammogram had come back healthy and negative for cancer but I had a dream that told me I was sick with breast cancer. I could feel a lump but no one else could. Three mammograms and four blood tests later I had a dream called: 

1) The White Feather

A spirit guide appeared and handed me a feather and told me to immediately return to my doctor, without making an appointment, and ask for exploratory surgery. If I remembered the feather from my dream and used it as a sward to fence with against his arguments, I would win.

I returned to my doctor the next day, imagined holding the feather in my fingers and convinced him to do exploratory surgery. A lump was found. Pathology stated it was stage 2 aggressive DCIS ductile carcinoma in situ. A second surgery was performed to check for clean margins and cancer was found in my lymph node.

2.) The Clowns

Five years later, almost to the day, I had a mammogram read in front of me by a radiologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.. “Congratulations. You’re healthy go home,” he said.

“No, you’re not,” a voice in my head answered. “Tell him to look at the second mammogram.” So, I did. The doctor told me that was not the breast that had had cancer and to go home. So, I did. That night I had the dream: “The Clowns”.

A guide dressed as a nurse held my mammograms in one hand, pointed to them, and motioned to me to come closer and look. When I did she turned into a giant clown with curly red hair and huge shoes. I returned to the hospital and began demanding an MRI. It took me 4 months to get the MRI I needed to prove to the medical field again that I had cancer, and it was stage 4- 9x11 cmlobular. The Tamoxifen had stopped working, which it can do after 2 years. I took the chemo CMF, had radiation and a double mastectomy.

It has been 12 years since my first cancer and 7 since my second. I had many dreams during my crisis that received validation. That is why it is so important to remember and write your dreams down in a dream journal beside your bed. 

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