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In Dreams that Can Save Your Life, Dr. Larry Burk and Kat chronicle the stories of participants in Dr. Burk's groundbreaking Breast Cancer Dreams Project, which included Kat. Read amazing healing stories offer evidence that our warning dreams are real and not to be discounted. 

Surviving Cancerland is Kathleen’s account of how she learned to connect with her physician-within through dreams, meditation, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kathleen used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment, often having to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her.


Kat's Book Awards

International Book Awards

Surviving Cancerland won the International Book Awards for Best Health/Women's Health Book of
the Year, 2015.

Nautilus Book Awards

Awarded a Silver Medal, Surviving Cancerland was among those judged to promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change.

Independent Publishers Book Awards

Surviving Cancerland earned a Bronze Medal at the IPPY Awards for 2015, which recognize excellence in independent publishing.

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Contributing Writer

Dreams & Breast Cancer Diagnosis Pilot Study


“Kathleen’s story is powerful, honest, and eye-opening. She asks readers to go a little beyond where some might feel comfortable, but if you are willing to do that, the reward is the story of a profound healing journey. Kathleen tells us that, ‘My crisis increased my intuition which, in turn, saved my life.’ Thank you, Kathleen. Miracles and angels are a part of our lives, so anticipate them and tune in through your quiet mind.”

~ Bernie Siegel, MD

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