kat show

8/25/16 Veronica Torres LIVE Channeling of Eloheim & the Council

Veronica Torres brings commitment to conscious living, and a sense of humor to every situation. Currently, her attention is focused on working with Eloheim and The Council through a process called channeling.

8/22/16 Marian Dervan & Mark Barone’s Act of DOG

An endeavor generated from a broken heart. For the charity, “An Act of Dog” Marina uses her media talents & Mark’s art for positive social change to save animals and empower children.
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzEpD7FHuiI

8/1/16 Michael Selsman & Barbara Niven remember Marilyn Monroe: The Dead Don’t Speak? 

Marilyn is 90 years young this year. On the anniversary of her death she pours herself into our conversation from beyond the grave through the pages of her agent Michael Selman’s book All is Vanity: Memoirs of a Hollywood Operative and actress Barbara Niven’s Blond-Bombshell role in The Rat Pack.

5/30/16 Maureen St. Germain & Julia Griffen: Realities of Creation Book Interview Series #5

Connecting with self and your Higher-self so you can learn to play in your reality.  
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWTKDt_3v0c

5/16/16 Kat Kanavos: Baptism-By-Fire: A Tool for Survival 

Multi-award-winning author shows you How to overcome fear, baptism by fire, how to use your dreams to survive crisis, and how to promote your message or book using VIDEO. Embrace Your Fear as a Learning Tool. WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChdOQdF9i7A

4/11/16 Jean Adrienne & Quantum Change: Realities of Creation Book Interview Series #1

Developer of the InnerSpeak™ Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy Process, author, radio show host, world traveler and financially independent entrepreneur shares her passion is creating Quantum Change in her own life. and she loves to share that with others, assisting them to do likewise.

4/4/16 Lori Boyle: Begin Where You Are

Retired International Airline Pilot who operated the Boeing 747 and MD-11 Heavy Jets, hosts Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod™, Lori Boyle Radio on Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod™ Radio, Columnist for Women’s Voices Magazine (Economy-Begin Where You Are Now) and CEO Lori Boyle Media talks Begin Where You Are. WATCHhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKO_o6F7s-I

4/4/16 Kat Kanavos: Dreaming During the Age of Aquarius. Realities of Creation Book Interviews #2

Dreams saved her life three times. Did you have a Déjà vu, or Dream Come True? The Age of Aquarius & dreams are Sacred Doorways to Heaven.“You already possess the power to manifest dreams. Use it! Here’s how.”